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Sandblasting works

Perfect surfaces through sandblasting works

Would you like to remove hard residues or have large surfaces processed? There are numerous areas of application for sandblasting works. Sandblasting is primarily used for hardening and treatment of workpiece surfaces. For example, rust, scale or paint residues can be removed or roughened. To achieve this, a blasting abrasive is applied onto the surface of the workpiece to be treated by means of compressed air and at a certain impact angle. On this basis, the surface can then be processed further, for example by applying corrosion protection and fire protection coating.

Sandblasting can be used for cleaning the machines and engines, for degreasing and deburring works, for matting glass, roughening the surfaces, for derusting, paint stripping or decoating, as well as for facade cleaning and concrete restoration (Link to the concrete restoration subpage) .

Depending on the surface and the area of application, we offer both dry and wet sandblasting. Please contact us to discuss your specific wishes and needs. We will be happy to support you!

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