Fire protection insulation by spraying

Fire protection insulation using the spraying method - a high-performance solution for property preservation

In order to ensure effective fire protection in real estate, numerous measures interlock. The complex fire protection concept therefore requires mature considerations in order to prove its practicability in practice. With fire protection insulation using the spraying method, you are choosing a high-performance, versatile solution to optimize fire protection in real estate and to help maintain the value of the building. Read here how fire protection insulation works using the spray method and for which areas of application it is suitable.

What is the spraying process for fire protection insulation?

The fire protection insulation in the spraying process is a thermal insulation of the walls and ceilings. We apply spray plaster to surfaces. The basis of this spray plaster is alumino-silicate, which is mixed with hydraulic, inorganic binders. Depending on the type of surface, perlite, vermiculite and special fire protection additives can also be added instead of binders.

On which surfaces can the spray plaster be applied?

A major advantage of fire protection insulation using the spraying method is the versatile use of spray plaster. It combines with different surfaces such as concrete, trapezoidal sheet metal, wooden beams and steel. It is also possible to provide ventilation ducts with spray plaster. It must be taken into account here that the different surfaces require a spray plaster matched to the fire resistance class. We will be happy to advise you comprehensively on this, suitable for your property and match the spray plaster used to the required fire protection class.

What preparations must be made before the spray plaster is applied?

It is important that the subsoil is stable and solid. The surface should be free of dust, grease and other dirt. This allows the spray plaster to bond perfectly with the surface and offers you high-performance fire protection insulation.

What are the advantages of fire protection insulation using the spray method?

With fire protection insulation professionally designed by us using the spray method, you benefit from effective fire protection. In addition to excellent thermal insulation, the process also offers you acoustic insulation. In the event of a fire, the fire is largely prevented from spreading quickly and spreading to other rooms.

For which rooms is fire protection insulation by spraying suitable?

Fire protection insulation using the spray method is intended in particular for basement ceilings and walls. Are you looking for a first-class solution for excellent fire protection? Choose spray plaster insulation and contact us!

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