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Fire damage restoration

Fast and professional restoration of fire damages

Are you a fire victim? Fire often causes not only material, but also non-material damages. With our tact and extensive know-how, we take handle the renovation of your property as quickly and professionally as possible in order to restore your haven of home.
In any case, it is important to act quickly after a fire. The faster the damage can be repaired, the more we can save. Do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We are here for you!

Soot removal

Soot resulting from the burning process must be removed quickly and thoroughly. Due to its corrosive properties, soot especially affects metal surfaces and can destroy them irreparably within a very short time. Apart from that, the spreading of pollutants contained in soot must be stopped for the sake of your health.

For a thorough and safe soot removal, the affected surfaces are first cleaned dry with an industrial vacuum cleaner. In a next step, we wipe the affected areas wet to reliably remove even the last residues. The wash water contains proper neutralizing chemicals for an optimal result.

Soot on facades and other external parts of the building is washed off thoroughly using a high-pressure cleaner.

Once the soot has been successfully removed, further restoration measures can be applied.

Concrete restoration

Both concrete and plastered and non-porous surfaces can be restored without any problems. Damaged concrete parts are removed by means of sandblasting and undamaged concrete elements are cleaned. Subsequently the concrete is restored according to our professional concrete restoration measures. As a result, you get a visually and statically perfect result.

Tiles, ceramics and natural stone

Tiles as well as ceramic and natural stone surfaces can be restored to their previous condition by simple wet cleaning. Only the jointing may need to be renewed. In case of natural stone, it must also be checked whether it needs to be re-impregnated.

On the other hand, the restoration of marble can be a greater challenge. Due to its iron content, marble can tend to form so-called rust flags. That is why we artificially dry marble surfaces as quickly as possible in order to preserve them for you.

Wood restoration

The restoration of wood requires a certain sensitivity. In the first step, the wood is dry or damp cleaned of residues. Afterwards the wood has to be polished and re-sealed, waxed or oiled.

In many cases, porous wooden surfaces, such as those found in unpainted wood, cannot be restored. The reason for this is that the combustion gases can penetrate the wood unhindered during the fire and are subsequently released from wood in an uncontrolled manner. This causes a significant health risk. Therefore, porous wooden elements should be replaced.

Restoration of doors and windows

Depending on the damage, plastic windows and doors must be replaced completely, especially if soot particles have penetrated the plastic surface due to the generated heat. Otherwise we are able to provide professional restoration of your doors and windows.

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