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Concrete restoration

Professional concrete restoration in Germany and Austria

Would you like to have the dilapidated concrete of your building restored? Reinforced concrete is still one of the most important and most resistant building materials of our century. However, carbon dioxide and sulphur oxide affect the natural alkaline protection of the concrete over time, allowing moisture to penetrate it. In turn, this causes the steel struts installed in the concrete to rust, which can then expand and cause dangerous cracks and spalling in the concrete, reducing its load-bearing capacity. In order to prevent the building from collapsing in such case, the concrete must be professionally restored as soon as possible.

No matter whether ribbed slabs, flat concrete ceilings, reinforced concrete columns or other concrete structures are concerned. We restore them all in a professional, safe and long-lasting manner. Steel and wood constructions are also part of our area of expertise. Just contact us for further details.

Professional restoration

The first step is a detailed damage analysis of the affected components. Based on these results, loose concrete parts are safely removed in the second step and the exposed surface is professionally cleaned. The reinforcing steel is then freed from rust before it is treated with a corrosion protection agent to prevent a new rust attack. Based on this basic work, the original condition of the concrete parts is restored in several steps. Edges are re-profiled and cracks are force-fitted if necessary. The initially dilapidated concrete now looks like new again and offers you the best possible stability and protection.

Permanent protection

To ensure that you can benefit from the concrete restoration measures as long as possible, we provide all repaired concrete surfaces with a wear-resistant, safe and durable protective covering. It is available in any colour and protects the reinforced concrete structure against further damage in the long term. The applied coating is resistant to chemicals, frost and de-icing salts, while still allowing water vapour diffusion, so that the concrete is optimally ventilated. The protective covering also withstands strong mechanical loads. You will enjoy the restored concrete for a long time and you can rely on the safety and stability of your concrete structure for many years.

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