Nano Thermal Insulation

BAUTER is a completely new thermal insulation technology. By using TSR (Solar Reflection), BAUTER creates a barrier to energy on virtually any surface, an obstacle that blocks an average of 95% of energy. BAUTER does not delay the loss of energy, but blocks it. This is the decisive advantage that even saves up to 70% of the energy costs.

Traditional thermal insulation materials such as Styrofoam, wool or PU foam have one thing in common, they create resistance on the partition (wall, ceiling, floor). This is nothing more than a time delay in the loss of energy. However, this does not change the fact that energy is lost.

Standard ETICS U-Value = 0,20 W/m²K
BAUTER U-Value = 0,06 W/m²K

Bauter Technology

vapor permeable
energy efficient
thermally insulating

The BAUTER principle - how does it work?

Heat transfer occurs not only by penetrating through a wall or roof, but also by radiation. Thermal radiation, the so-called infrared radiation, is a fragment of electromagnetic radiation, a fragment of which is radiation of visible light. The wavelength of this radiation is shown in the diagram below

BAUTER reflective coating (NANO-ETICS) is made using appropriately selected resins, fillers and reflective and heat-insulating materials, the so-called polymer microspheres. Vacuum spheres with a diameter of 0.005-0.0004 mm.



The microspheres are “TRAPPER” for electromagnetic waves, more precisely for IR radiation wavelength, which is responsible for the greatest heat transfer. In such cases, the light beam falling into the microspheres is reflected several times and then re-radiated with almost no loss of energy.

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