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About us

As a construction partner for insulation, restoration and fire protection, our experts have been providing you with competent and reliable support for around 30 years in Germany, Austria, Poland and Thailand. We were founded in Berlin in 1992 and today we can look back on numerous large and small construction projects that have improved the safety and construction quality across the country, both for private customers and for large companies and public buildings.
In addition to fire protection and insulation precautions, our range of services now also includes the restoration of concrete and fire damages as well as sandblasting works and corrosion protection measures. We are working on both new buildings and properties to be renovated. We have the necessary equipment on our disposal and it is also distributed by us.
Being a professional company and member of the Berlin Painters’ Guild as well as the Berlin Craftsmen Chamber representing painters, coating technicians and plasterers, we put a great emphasis on the special quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers. For this reason we have prequalified for you and are registered at the Association for the Prequalification of Construction Companies (Verein für die Präqualifikation von Bauunternehmen e. V.) under the registration number 010.052660.
In addition, we put great importance to the use of high-quality, environmentally friendly and tested materials in order to always provide you with safe and long-lasting results. We bank on reliable manufacturers such as HBT-BrandschutzDaussanHILTIWürthMC-BauchemiePromat and Brillux. Recently our plasters are also available in through-dyed versions in a wide range of colours to allow you to perfectly customise our products.
Our customers appreciate the trust-based cooperation with our trained and certified employees. We would be happy to advise you in detail on your property and the measures to be carried out. Please just give us a call or send us an e-mail. We look forward to supporting you with your project!

Our history

For this reason, we have put great emphasis on our professional competence and excellent qualifications of our employees from the very beginning. Our founder and family man Andreas Kowolik follows this basic rule until today and taught it to his son Daniel Kowolik, who quickly joined the company with great ambition. He learned his skills from a professional until he became a partner at his father’s side in 2006. We started as Kowolik und Kowolik GbR with a highly motivated team in the lead. Working together as a family for something bigger has been the fulfilment of our professional dreams since that day.
People who trust our services are particularly important to us. Hence, we not only focus on the quality of our work, but also on the selection of our building materials because we want to fulfil our responsibility towards the health and protection of our customers as well as towards the animals and environment.
However, we suffered a considerable downturn in 2009 shortly after the new corporate name was introduced. A major customer who concealed his upcoming insolvency has almost led us to ruin. We worked hard for weeks for our customer as usual, until we heard about the insolvency shortly before the completion of the construction works. But the damage this customer caused us was not only of a financial nature. Our existence was hanging by a thread, doubts were growing. Nevertheless, our fighting spirit has finally prevailed. With our initial mission in mind, we rebuilt the company with the sweat of our brow. Because we wanted to continue giving our customers the protection they deserve! The motivation to save lives and provide protection through our services was stronger than any doubt or difficulty that occurred in our way.
Having barely overcome this difficult crisis, we decided to express our special, highly qualified approach in our company name. Therefore, Kowolik and Kowolik became DSB Kowolik. Dämmung, Sanierung, Brandschutz – Insulation, Restoration, Fire protection. From now on that was our slogan. And over time we realised more and more that our core issue is also very important to our customers: Fire protection. That is why we have given ourselves a new name again in 2020. We are DSB Brandschutz now. We are your partner for perfect, conscientious all-round fire protection. We give you 100 percent for your safety, 100 percent for your well-being based on transparent conditions. This is our promise.

We Understand Requirements

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We Work Precisely

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We Deliver Best Output

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how can we help you?

Just write us an email. We are happy to help!

Our Expert Team

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